Volunteer Center to Distribute 750 Free Emergency Preparedness Kits – July 19th

The Volunteer Center of Burlington County in conjunction with the HandOn Network/Allstate Foundation, and the assistance of Burlington County CERT Team volunteers, will distribute 750 free emergency preparedness kits – one per family – at the Burlington County Farm Fair, Saturday, July 19th beginning at 1 pm. The kits will be distributed on a first come first served basis. In a matter of only a few minutes each family will assembly its own ten item kit and receive instructions in and air-conditioned tent. Exact location tent location will be announced at a later date. Looking forward to seeing you at our COOL location at the Burlington County Farm Fair!

Volunteer Center of Burl. Co. Our New Mailing & Office Address Is


Volunteer Center of Burlington County
c/o Burlington County College – Parker Center 413J
601 Pemberton Browns Mills Rd.
Pemberton, NJ 08068

Thank you to Burlington County College (BCC) for providing the Volunteer Center with a new office location; and to its staff from various departments who assisted what was a well coordinated and efficient move today.

BCC is a longstanding supporter of the Volunteer Center and volunteerism/service-learning! BCC Trustees, Administrators, Faculty and Support Staff – Making A Difference!

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Attention Present and Past Mangers of Volunteers

Are you a current or past manager of volunteers? If so, you are invited to attend next meeting of the Volunteer Center of Burlington County’s Forum for Volunteer Managers – Monday, September 9th – 3 pm at Burlington County Library – Main Branch – Westampton, NJ – For more information email – volcenter@hot mail.com or call the Center’s mobile line at 856-761-4950. See you there!



If you have never volunteered, here are a few tips on how to get started:
Ask yourself the following questions:

• What am I interested in doing as a volunteer?

• Do I want to do something I am good at? What do I want to learn about? Do I want to learn a new skill? Do I want to volunteer in something that is related to my job?

• How much time can I dedicate to volunteering? Do I want to volunteer on a daily, weekly, monthly, or episodic basis?

• Do I have an area of expertise that would benefit an organization?

• Would I volunteer in person, or be a volunteer online (cyber-volunteer)? Can I volunteer from home or work? How can I get to the volunteer location?

Once you have answered these questions:

• Contact the Volunteer Center of Burlington County to find a listing of volunteer opportunities and to learn about organizations needing volunteers.

• Call organizations that match your volunteer interest, abilities, and availability.

• Schedule an appointment to meet with the organization’s manager of volunteers.

• Ensure that you have a good match between the organization and yourself before you begin to volunteer.

• Complete any paperwork (application, background check, etc.) needed in order to volunteer.


When looking for a place to volunteer, how do you know whether a particular organization is likely to provide a positive experience where your abilities will be well utilized? While there are no guarantees, there are some things to look for:

• Does the organization have a volunteer job description clearly defining what you will be doing? If not, is the organization’s contact person able to explain to you what you will be doing?

• What kind of training/orientation does the organization provide?

• Who will be your supervisor? Will that person be easily accessible to you?

• Is there enough for you to do?

• Will you be working by yourself or with other volunteers?

• Where will you work? Does the organization have a workplace for you?

• How does the paid staff respond to volunteers?

• What time commitment is required? How does this coincide with how you see yourself volunteering – is it too much or too little?


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